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The Struggle of Building and Maintaining School Websites

Are you a school administrator, teacher, or municipality looking for an affordable and user-friendly way to create a modern, accessible, and mobile-responsive website for your educational institution? Schoolio WP is designed specifically for you


Many schools and municipalities struggle to create modern and accessible websites due to high costs and lack of technical expertise. Current solutions are often expensive and require ongoing maintenance, making it difficult for schools to keep up with the latest web design trends and accessibility requirements.


A simple and cost-effective solution that doesn't compromise on quality and ensures an optimal user experience for students, parents, and faculty alike.

Our Journey to the Perfect Solution

With a decade of IT expertise, we saw firsthand the struggles schools and municipalities face creating modern, accessible websites. High costs, ongoing maintenance, and technical expertise were roadblocks. So, we turned these challenges into an opportunity: to create a tool that schools everywhere could use. After extensive research and targeted module development, we honed Schoolio WP through real-world testing. Now, we're ready to take your school's online presence to the next level.

Introducing Schoolio WP – Your All-in-One School Website Platform

Schoolio WP, a revolutionary platform powered by AI that offers schools and municipalities an affordable and user-friendly way to create modern and accessible websites. Our platform caters to your unique needs, providing solutions for accessibility requirements, mobile responsiveness, and user-friendly content organization.

Zero development cost

Affordable monthly fees of just €50, covering both initial setup and ongoing maintenance costs.

Mobile friendly

Regardless of the device, your website will look and function beautifully, ensuring an outstanding user experience.


Our platform ensures your website is universally accessible, accommodating the needs of all users and complying with the latest accessibility requirements.

Reliable Support

Benefit from our dedicated support team, ready and willing to assist you at every step of your journey, ensuring seamless operation and peace of mind.

Don't Risk Falling Behind
Without a modern and accessible website, your school risks losing credibility, diminishing its online presence, and missing out on vital engagement opportunities. Join the growing number of schools and municipalities who are transforming their online presence with Schoolio WP and take the first step towards elevating your school's online potential!
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